One Week In: 5 Most Popular Google Chrome Web Store Apps

Google launched its Chrome Web Store a little over a week ago and it's time to rank the top 5 most popular applications.

Google launched its Chrome Web Store a little over a week ago with it’s most popular application TweetDeck. TweetDeck, a personal browser that allows you to keep in contact with your contacts (look at the play on words there), accumulated over 62,000 installations within the first three days of Google’s launch.


Any user willing to install Google Chrome’s TweetDeck application will be ahead of their friends in the social networking world. TweetDeck connects the user with his or her contacts across the social networking spectrum: Facebook, Twitter, GoogleBuzz and Foursqaure. Features like blended columns, blended inbox, seemless auto complete and new flexible browsing, aids users to becoming the master of their own online life.


Applications that provide users with the daily news have less features than other applications, but they provide users with the most information. The NYTimes application covers all major sections of the New York Times paper: business, technology, top stories and more. Not only does this application present users with current event content, but it also provides large and beautiful photos to match their stories.

Gmail Application

According to, Gmail is the 9th most visited website on the internet. With a statistic like that, it’s not surprising that Google’s Gmail application is the 3rd most popular application in Google’s Chrome Web Store.

Even though it may be the most popular, people claim the the application is pretty useless. Since a user already needs to log into Gmail through the main Gmail website, an application that forces the same concept, does seem to have little effectiveness.

Google Books

With 82,272 users, Google’s Google Books application is ranked 4th this week. This application syncs with a user’s Google Books Library, which allows the user to access all ebooks in his or her own library. Nearly 3 million free ebooks are available with this application, while hundreds of thousands of ebooks are up to be purchased.

152 users gave this application 4 1/2 stars.

Google Docs

The final application on this week’s list is Google Docs.

184 users rate this application at 4 stars. In this Google application, users are able to share work with each other in real-time to collaborate faster when time is an essence. Along with time, accessibility is another important feature Google Docs offers its users. Documents are easily accessible through any smart phone or computer.

The Google Docs application currently has 74,7466 users, with weekly installations at 42,617.