One Tweet Sends Sex Offender Back to Jail

If his crime wasn’t so disgusting, this would be a completely eye-roll-worthy story: a sex offender has landed himself in jail, after being offered probation, for breaking a single rule that his judge had set – no Twitter., a St. Louis news site, reports that Reginald Hicks Jr. was convicted for having sex with a 16-year-old, but was able to avoid prison by subscribing to a strict probation.

The judge at his trial decided that Hicks could skip prison and instead serve five years’ probation. Hicks had to sign a list of about 20 conditions, one of which included staying off Twitter. Presumably, the judge wanted to keep Hicks away from any place that he could possibly solicit sex or encounter young people, as he also restricted Hicks from accessing the internet in general without permission from his parole officer.

You’d think that staying away from Twitter would be a preferable punishment than jail time, but not so for Hicks. After his sentencing, he posted at least nine times from his personal Twitter account. And they weren’t just his regular tweets about sports and his nightlife: he tweeted, immediately following his hearing, about his dislike for the judge’s attitude towards him. Here’s one of these tweets:

“White guy before me got the ‘You’ve got a bright future ahead of you’ speech. I got the ‘you aint (expletive)’ speech. #BlatantRacism.”

Hicks has now landed himself in jail, because he just couldn’t stay away from Twitter.