One-Third of Americans Now Own Tablets

They're big with suburban parents

Tablet computers are no longer a niche market. More than one third of Americans own tablets such as the iPad, Samsung Galaxy or Kindle Fire, according to new Pew Internet research.

Pew has a nice little chart that shows the sharp rise in tablet ownership since May 2010, when just 3 percent of Americans owned tablets.

Pew also released a portrait of the demographics of tablet owners and found little statistically significant difference in tablet ownership when it comes to gender and race/ethnicity. It seems like the biggest determinants of tablet ownership are geography, income and parenthood.

While smartphones are most popular with adults 18-34, tablets are most common among adults 35-44, 49 percent of whom own them.

Also, tablet owners are more likely to live in suburbia than in urban or rural areas; and have high income and education levels. In addition, such consumers are significantly more likely to be parents: half of parents with minor children living at home have tablets, compared with 27 percent of non-parents.