One Small Step for Michelle Fields, One Giant Leap (Backwards) For Womankind

Explaining various economic models and how they work is a tough gig. You wouldn’t put just anyone in charge of something that complex. Unless of course, you are the Center for Freedom and Prosperity Foundation.

They have a series of web videos in which spokespeople explain economic topics such as “Four Reason Why Big Government is Bad Government” and “The European Fiscal Crisis and Lessons for America.” Nothing really stands out about the material, but we couldn’t help but notice that almost every video is hosted by a relatively young, attractive woman. In fact, 14 out of 15 videos feature a young, attractive woman. Only one features a man. ALL of the videos with the women feature shots above the waist. Some even go out of their way to show off cleavage. Because when I think Keynesian economics, I think Titty City. Pretty weird, I know.

What’s weirder? The latest video is hosted by Michelle Fields, from the Daily Caller. It’s no secret that Michelle knows that she is gorgeous and has great hair, but this is super weird. The camera work seems to be largely inspired by the early works of the Al Qaeda hostage tapes. A nervous and awkward Fields, who clearly has NO IDEA what she is talking about, rattles on about “How the New Deal Was a Failure.” We get it, Michelle. You think you’re hot. But, if you want to be taken seriously, maybe just be good at reporting and stop showing off your legs and cleavage. Do you remember that time Diane Sawyer showed off a bunch of cleavage while reading the news? No? Because it didn’t happen! See Michelle’s low budget Skinemax video below.

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