One Size Does Not Fit All: Finding the Right Sized Company For You

If you’re looking for a job based on the location, media industry (um, hello!) and job description, you are so on the right track, my friend.

The company and its culture are important, too but per this piece on CareerBuilder, so is the size of the company. The environment itself can play to your strengths or call upon your weaknesses.

Small companies. If you thrive in a community of one to 200 employees, a small organization may be an ideal fit. You can jump in with a variety of responsibilities and multiple hats. In addition to rolling up your sleeves, you may have tremendous visibility to leadership and decision makers.

Medium companies. Working among 201 – 1,000 employees may be in your best interest, per the piece, if you can truly shine as a pivotal employee in the organization by contributing to its growth. This can be the quintessential launching point for your career to get to the next level.

Depending on the company of course and where they are in its longevity, a medium-sized company can help you determine your next step and if you thrive in a culture that’s survived the small business world but not quite at the big front office level.

Large companies. If you prefer to be a small fish in a big pond, a company with more than 1,000 full-time employees may be the right solution for you. Although your job may be very specialized, there may be more opportunities for training and career development. Plus, there may be more opportunities to move around in the organization for internal openings.

Above all, it depends on your career goals and your needs. The piece mentions, “A company’s size can directly impact the responsibilities and career trajectories of its workers, as well as influence the opportunities available to those workers. By considering company size as one filter in your job search, you can determine which company culture will likely complement your work style the most.”