One Simple Tip For #FollowFriday Success

Follow Friday has been a Twitter phenomenon for years. People tweet out the usernames of other Twitter users that they think are worth following, in a way to give recognition to those sending out useful, funny, cool, interesting, insightful or otherwise stand-out tweets.

However, many people are misusing the #FollowFriday and #FF hashtags, and not getting the most out of Follow Friday. Here’s the one tip you need to follow if you want to participate effectively – and it will only take about 30 seconds to implement.

If you’re tweeting something like this for Follow Friday:

“#FF @ACoolGuy @SomeGreatLady @MrTweeter @MsInfluencer”

you’re doing it wrong.

What’s so wrong about it? Anyone reading the tweet will have no idea why you think those four folks are worth a follow.

Are they all funny? Offer useful Twitter advice? Marketers? Celebrities? You’ve given your followers no useful information about the people you are suggesting they follow, and this means they’ll be very, very unlikely to follow them.

Instead of cramming 2 to 6 usernames in a tweet with the Follow Friday hashtag, try this simple tip: explain why you think they’re worth a follow.

The best way to do this is by splitting up each person you want to highlight on Follow Friday and give them their own tweet. This way you can describe the account – by letting your followers know that they’re a great marketer who shares industry insights all the time, or they’re an underground comic who tweets side-splitting one-liners every morning. Your followers will then be able to distinguish between the different accounts you’re recommending, and they can decide whether they will follow them or not.

Will you be participating in Follow Friday today? Let us know in the comments below – or give us a tweet!