One Recruiter’s Take On The LinkedIn Button (It’s Not Pretty)

We already know that at least one high-profile recruiting expert is not a fan of the LinkedIn button.

While we still think it’s pretty sweet from a jobseeker’s perspective, the negative votes from other recruiters are trickling in.

APCO recruiter Jessica Lee writes at Fistful of Talent:

Jobseekers, your LI profile is not a substitute for a resume. Yet. Because as an employer… when you initially send your LI profile over to me, all I actually get within my ATS are your dates of employment, recommendations if you’ve got ’em… and that’s about it. No descriptions of your positions held. No summary of who you are. It’s bare bones, what I get of your LI profile. To learn more, it’s extra clicking. And that’s just not good enough for me. So I still rely on your resume, and that’s first and foremost for me for applicants who come through via our careers site….Along with that “Apply with LinkedIn” button you’re putting out there… you add this tag line of “Get hired faster.” What exactly is it about applying with your LinkedIn profile that will get an applicant hired faster? Especially when as an employer I get bare bones profile info? Isn’t “Get hired faster” a bit of a misnomer?

If this is true–if LinkedIn doesn’t send more than the most minimal of information when jobseekers use the button—then that’s pretty shortsighted. It won’t make them any friends among jobseekers or employers.