One Poll Where John McCain Is Beating Barack Obama

obama09.30.08.jpgBetween the debate suspension debacle, the ongoing Sarah Palin implosion and his continued fall in the polls, last week wasn’t great for John McCain.

In spite of this, or perhaps because of it, the media continues to write about the Arizona Senator more than his Democratic counterpart. Marketwatch, tell it like it is:

According to the LexisNexis(R) Analytics 2008 election dashboard, Sen. McCain was the subject of 9 percent more U.S. media coverage than Sen. Obama last week, the fourth consecutive week that Sen. McCain has received more press coverage than Sen. Obama since the election dashboard began tracking U.S. press coverage in early-July. Prior to Sen. McCain’s four-week streak, Sen. Obama had garnered more press coverage in each of the previous eight weeks that were monitored.

But is the coverage positive or negative?

According to the same article, 36 percent of the McCain coverage was negative, compared with just 31 percent for Barack Obama. In contrast, 32 percent of stories written about the elder senator was positive, compared with 34 percent for his opponent.

As far as vice presidential candidates go, Sarah Palin and Joe Biden are virtually tied in terms of the positive vs. negative coverage ratios, but McCain’s running partner has seen three times the amount of stories penned about her.