One Person’s Ugly and Annoying is Another’s Thing of Beauty


Except for the ones that appear on Mediabistro, which are very attractive and are clearly assembled by people from the future who are creative geniouses, banner ads don’t get much attention. It’s rare to be drawn to one, even less so to wind up talking about one to friends. But why is that? We talk about print campaigns and tv spots, which these banner ads are sort of a hybrid of the two. They’ve surely made fortunes, built empires, and there are apt to be thousands upon thousands of designers out there who are toiling in bannerdom. So as annoying as they can be (just like local spots for car dealers and lawyers), why not concentrate on the ones that actually hit their mark (like the occassional national spot)? Enter bannerblog, a new destination that seeks to do just that. It’s just hit it’s first anniversary and going strong. A great search function by agency, brand, etc. And actually…ahem…a lot of fun to look through. Imagine that.