Celebs Use Coarse Language to Tackle Famine in Africa

Celebs as diverse as including Bono, Clive Owen, Jessica Alba, and Mike Huckabee appear in the above PSA from One.org, getting bleeped over and over for using rough language. But it’s not what you think. The PSA and accompanying campaign seek to raise awareness about the ongoing famine in the horn of Africa.

The group’s website includes a petition to Congress to encourage the government to take action in the face of the disaster. The site’s homepage is focused on the issue, and the organization is pushing for long-term efforts to put an end to famine once and for all.

Th campaign also includes international lobbying, collaboration with African artists and businesspeople, and social media outreach.

Save the Children has also been fighting this fight for the past couple of months. For an interesting New York Times stories about “compassion fatigue” and another by one of the stars of the PSA, musician K’naan, who revisited his homeland, Somalia, after a 20-year absence, click through.

[h/t NYMag.com]