One Million Friends Get Banned

Henrick Shyu of Japan, has made a new application that helps you rapidly get a lot more friends. The application is simple. You add the app, and start browsing through people that you can add as friends. They have also added the application and are taking advantage of it. I found the application to be particularly useless because it consists of randomly adding people as friends even if you don’t know them. This is in clear violation of Facebook’s terms of service.

I wouldn’t be surprised if some people even get banned for using the application. As of now Facebook blocks you from adding too many friends in a limited period of time for spamming reasons. I don’t see why this application would be any exception. This application is definitely going to be banned within a short period of time. If you like gambling and want to see how long you can leverage this application go grab the 1,000,000 friends application.