ONE Media Manager Launches Support For Facebook Ads API

-ONE Media Manager-Back in July we first wrote about the impending Facebook Ads API. Last month the first third-party ad manager to take advantage of the Facebook Ads API was launched followed by a couple others. Today, TBG London has upgraded their ONE Media Manager product to provide support for the Facebook Ads API. The ONE Media Manager product supports multiple media partners so all ad buys can take place through a single system.

According to TBG London, ONE Media Manager is driving a 9900% year-on-year increase in Facebook-related orders for TBG. Such phenomenal growth rates are more likely a result of the company only recently beginning to offer Facebook advertising services. The company has said that they’ve seen monthly spend go from £5,000 (~$8,050) to £500,000 (~$805,000).

With the phenomenal growth in the Facebook user base, third-party ad managers prove useful for enabling advertisers to run test campaigns at a larger scale and instantly measure performance. We’ve previously covered two other companies to provide ad mangers, and ultimately there will be countless services in the coming months. Each ad manager usually provides extremely similar services but each company differs in regards to their client base.

TBG London’s clients include La Senza, Optical Express, GHD and Graze, none of which I’ve heard of, but I’d assume these are European brands. You can find out more about the company and their services via the TBG London website.

-ONE Media Manager Screenshot-