One Last AIGA Anecdote


Our nail in the AIGA coffin was the last mainstage talk, courtesy of self-mutilator Stefan Sagmeister and a touchy computer. Recreating the glory below:

Sidekick points out he looks kinda like a washed-up coke dealer in his white suit. Sagmeister tells a story about going to Hong Kong and seeing the Winners billboard and thinking it was good luck. Is a big list-maker. Made a list from 1981 to 2002 of all the really happy moments in his life. More than half of them have to do with design. So design must make him at least half-happy.

Which led him to looking at author photographs…Australians seemed very happy, and then he has a totally stuck moment with his laptop. Has total technical difficulties, has to have the AV guy come out and the computer turned off. Which kinda sucks given how superstitious he is.

So without the presentation now he’s choking. This is painful. And now Hockenberry is choking too. They’re both talking about KOALA BEARS.

Hockenberry’s trying really hard. But Stefan isn’t really getting it… yeah… it’s like awkward cocktail chatter. And now they’re making music together. Hockenberry on cowbell, Sagmeister on bongo. And the band (the Alloy Orchestra) kicks in.

Hockenberry: “Thank God for cowbells, man!”

Everyone gives it up for Jim, the AV guy.

Hockenberry to Jim, the AV guy: “Catch you after the show, babe.”

That’s all, folks. Back to regularly scheduled NYC-based programming. Overall, we liked the AIGA. Made some friends, met some people. Saw some stuff, got a free bag. Were given some magazines, bought some books. Yeah.

Good times.