One Hundred Huffy Days

Arianna.pngOver at AdAge, Simon Dumenco notices that HuffPo has slid past its hundredth day into permanence, legitimacy, and – dare we say – agenda-setting. We noticed this as well, as we noted recently in our post about Arianna’s full-fledged embrace of Cindy Sheehan and her mission. It’s true, I skim most of HuffPo because there’s just not enough time to wade through it all, and I’m scared I might be hypnotized by Deepak Chopra’s knowing eyes. But she gets the gets: Lawrence O’Donnell breaking Rove; Cindy Sheehan suddenly speaking out from a platform, publishing herself instead of being dependent on the media to transcribe her words; and the surprise HuffPo star Greg Gutfeld, who Dumenco points out was savvily co-opted by Arianna so as to stake ownership claim on his criticisms (he calls Gutfeld the “unofficial ombudman” of HuffPo, which is hilariously right on the money). But another star has emerged: Arianna. From her relentless stalking of Judy Miller (visits from Bolton, cyber-hounding Sulzberger, bringing us the rarefied scuttlebut amongst the rich) to her intrepid on-the-scene reporting about Cheney’s Aspen medical incident, to her savvy championing of causes (Dumenco calls her “a surprisingly dedicated civic den mother” who has channelled liberal voices with surprising effecitveness “where it matters most: online.” I have to admit, it’s been exciting to watch it unfold; let’s see what the next hundred days of Huff bring.