One Firm’s COO Will Make A LOT of Money Next Year

Which firm might this be?


How much money does your firm’s chief operating officer make? How much should he/she make? We thought we had a pretty good idea, but a job listing forwarded by a contact today has us checking our sources.

This opening, officially listed as “PR COO, New York,” boasts a starting salary of $400K…and the employer in question is “a mid-size marketing shop” in the Big Apple. Mid-size?!

For reference, PR Week’s 2014 Salary Survey found EVP to be the highest-paid position in the comms field, with an average salary of $200K at firms across the country.

Glassdoor tells us that median totals for COOs across all industries range from $170K to $220K, with the latter applying specifically to the New York City area. The only companies offering salaries above this range are huge, consumer-facing brands like RockStar Games and Verizon.

The total on this particular listing may well be inflated, but after such a promise we’re left wondering: which mid-sized firm plans to overpay its COO so dramatically? And why?

We can’t all make $60 million dollars a year like Sir Martin Sorrell did in 2014. He’s barely human, anyway.