One Closet To Go, Please

A sequel to Sex in the City: The Movie is in the works, making this new iPhone application, TouchCloset, an appropriate prop. The new to-go software allows you to flip through your wardrobe like “album covers on your iPod.” It also saves you from wearing the same outfit too many times. Sarah Jessica Parker’s alter ego Carrie would adore this feature: get instant critiques from friends. Now, we we would hope the Sex sequel would at least have some more frugal shopping to reflect the times we live in now. Moviegoers aren’t likely to flock to a flick where the gals are dropping dollars like there’s no tomorrow. We’re thinking Parker, who grew up in a large family, will likely warm up to the idea of inexpensive tops, skirts and shoes. That’s where the TouchCloset would come handy. No more multiples. At least one frequent-sewer blogger is ready to wield this application for shrewd fabric shopping.