One Brand Meets Another For An Exciting Adventure!

Have you ever gone shopping at Ikea only to circle the lot for seemingly hours in your vehicle looking for a parking spot, wasting precious fossil fuel during your misadventure? Well, don’t waste anothing global-warming minute thinking about a solution. The Ikea in Bolingbrook, Ill. has come up with one already, which still allows you to bring all the Scandinavian-style modern furniture you ever wanted with room home with you with room to spare for a toddler or two strapped into designer car seats of your choice. The corporate mod furnishings retailer has teamed up with the not-profit I-Go car sharing for dedicated I-Go parking spaces at the Bolingbrook store. What does that mean? Let’s back up for a second (yeah, put the automobile in reverse). I-Go is a Chicago-area car-sharing program. It’s not what you think – you don’t borrow your sister’s car and wait til she nags you to death for pay for the gasoline you used. No, you pay by the mile and the hour (the cost includes your insurance and gas) to use any one of more than 70 cars in the Chicago area, including numerous hybrids.

Back to Ikea. The environmentally-minded company has designated certain parking spots at the Bolingbrook store just for I-Go cars. How cool is that? We think that’s a great idea, and only would wish other stores and shopping malls would blatantly copy the design giant. It saves new nickels and conserves our rapidly-dwindling resources. Anyhow, if you’re keen on eating some complimentary Swedish meatballs and seeing officials cut the ribbon around the new “rock-star” parking spaces at the Bolingbook Ikea, get thee to the store on Wednesday. Yes, that’s two days from now. (Full disclosure: this writer has periodically used I-Go cars to escape from Chicago. She has no plans to go this event even though she loves spheres of minced meats.)