Once Banned, Alcohol Brands are now Buying Ads on Twitter

Before last month, you never would have seen a Promoted Tweet advertising an alcohol brand on Twitter. But now that its demographics have shifted to an older age bracket, ad space has been opened up to alcohol – and Jack Daniels, the famous Tennessee Whiskey, is the first to buy a Twitter ad.

As Clickz reports, alcohol brands had previously been banned from buying ads on Twitter because too many of its users were below the legal drinking age in the United States. However, the network now is over 70% 21-plus, and the alcohol board has given the green light to begin advertising.

Jack Daniels was the first to take the plunge into a Promoted campaign. They purchased three separate Promoted Trends (#JackDanielsHoney) which ran on the 16th, 21st and 22nd of April, and closely tied the Promoted Tweets that appeared when someone clicked on the trend to their Facebook page.

The interactive marketing director for Jack Daniels spoke with Clickz and explained the successes the brand saw as the first alcohol brand to advertise on Twitter. Apparently, Twitter offered significantly higher engagement rates than the average rates for the campaign as a whole, likely meaning that engagement was higher on Twitter than on Facebook.

However, problems did arise with the campaign. In particular, Twitter’s international demographics proved to be a downfall for this brand which is not available in every country. A significant portion of the conversation happening around its Promoted Trends was spent discussing what Jack Daniels actually was, with some people assuming it was a honey product rather than a whiskey. This ambiguity might be resolved when Twitter opens up its geo-targeted ads to more advertisers.

And while Clickz couldn’t get an answer from the brand rep as to exactly how much they paid for 3 days of Promoted Trends on Twitter, she did say that their digital advertising dollars roughly equaled that of TV.

Tweet screenshot courtesy of Clickz