On Treme, New Orleans Bounce and ‘Mr. Ghetto’*

If you haven’t seen the above video “Walmart” by Mr. Ghetto, it was only a matter of time. When a friend in New Orleans first sent this to us yesterday it had about 40,000 views. It’s up to nearly half-a-million views now. This thing has viral written all over it.

We bring Mr. Ghetto and his Walmart song up for those of you who have been watching this season of David Simon’s Treme on HBO. This is what the character of Davis–a New Orleans local–is talking about when he regularly extols the glories of “Bounce.” Davis is constantly harping on Bounce as a legitimate form of musical expression in the great New Orleans tradition. This Fishie personally feels that Treme, though an otherwise wonderful show, is inadvertently sullying the reputation of the city of New Orleans and her citizens. Because, as you can see, Bounce is absolutely ridiculous.

Yes, people in New Orleans like Bounce music. It is popular and widely played and enjoyed. But the operative phrase to describe the vast majority of people’s reception to this music is “ironic detachment.” It is, quite simply, so bad it’s funny– and is therefore considered “good.” Plus you can dance to it.

For the benefit of Mr. Simon and his writing crew, I’ll allow this video to demonstrate my point.

Attention Tim Goodman: feel free to make note of the above for your next Power Rankings column. Treme is a great show, but clearly needs to drop a spot or two for essentially advocating “Walmart” as a culturally invaluable form of musical expression.

Incidentally, this Fishie used to live two blocks from the Walmart in question. Amazingly, he’s seen stranger things than Mr. Ghetto happen in the parking lot.

*Update: YouTube inexplicably decided to remove the “Walmart” video, citing its “sexual content.” Garbage. We had to switch to Perez Hilton’s rip of the video.

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