On Treating The Job Search Like A Job And The Power Of Positive Thinking

Y’all already know to treat your search like a job. You people are not the two-hour-and-twelve-minute wonders we wrote about last year.

So you do not need headhunter and resume writer Jane Turkewitz’s reminder to treat your job search like a job.

But maybe you want to read her post anyway because it also contains a reminder NOT TO GET DISCOURAGED.

(Oops, sorry about the caps – got a little excited there.)

A laid-off media pro e-mailed Turkewitz and “made a terrific statement regarding his skills and how he would be an asset to any company who hired him. But, then he followed by saying ‘I am also terrible at finding a job.'”

Come on, people, remember positive thinking? Remember the Little Engine That Could?

Turkewitz continues:

If you are feeling depressed, overwhelmed, frustrated, scared, pissed off, or all of these things together—harness that energy and refocus it on the job you have in front of you. You may be UNEMPLOYED but your job right now is to create and execute a thorough plan that will result in a new position….

Any new product launch requires research. Right now, you’re the product.

2010 will be a year of great change and upheaval but we think you’re ready for it. Might we suggest taping the picture below to your bathroom mirror?

flickr: Torley