On Today’s Point-Counterpoint: Adobe’s New CS3 Icons


Big batch of conversation late last week when Adobe released the look of the new CS3 icons, in their “wheel o’ icons” image. But in case you missed it, the best two bits of writing about it, which you’ll see cross posted back and forth nearly everywhere about the topic, were Jason Santa Maria’s scathing review of them, saying:

When making icons, you usually try to design something simple and recognizable to identify things. At the expense of creating a family of icons, you’ve watered them down so much as to be unrecognizable at a glance.

And on the other side, Veerle Pieters who agrees there are some problems, but also seems to think there’s a much more positive side to all of this:

People seems to fail to grasp the bigger picture. It seems that most just want to make it look pretty because the app is giving these possibilities, but it’s more than that, it’s about problem-solving too. It’s a major undertaking to revamp and re-brand both Adobe’s and Macromedia’s apps as one brand, we’re talking thousands of icons.