Facebook Adds On This Day Filters to 2015 Year in Review

Facebook wants users to remember 2015, but only the happy parts.

Facebook wants users to remember 2015, but only the happy parts.

The social network launched its Year in Review feature for 2015, complete with what it described to TechCrunch as “a unique set of filters” to avoid some of the problems that plagued its 2014 Year in Review feature.

The social network’s 2014 Year in Review was panned by several users for including photos that triggered sad memories, such as images of exes or friends who were blocked or deceased.

Facebook told TechCrunch it deployed the same filters it introduced in October for its On This Day feature, enabling users to block specific users, dates or date ranges, and adding:

We won’t show you photos where memorialized accounts or exes are tagged, or photos with people you’ve blocked or added to your On This Day preferences.

Speaking of exes, Facebook also began testing tools last month to give users greater control over the content they see following a change in relationship status.

Facebook also reminded users that they can edit any of the 10 photos automatically selected by its Year in Review feature.

Readers: Have you ever had a bad experience with Facebook’s Year in Review or On This Day features?