On The WGA Strike


Here are a few thoughts about the strike. One: Isn’t it ironic that writers — the behind the scenes guys and gals who traffic more in wit than looks — are getting so much media attention as their bosses, the tv hosts, recede into the landscape? For example, The Daily Show’s John Oliver is becoming a bit of a star with his media-friendly quotes from the picket line.

Celebrities, too, show off their ”indie cred” by picketing against The Man alongside the writers. Not to question actor John Leguizano’s solidarity with ink-stained wretches, but we cannot fail to note that his support of the scribes didn’t actually harm his career. I’m just saying.

Clearly Tina Fey — who is a writer’s writer through-and-through, and a former headwriter at SNL — got major cool points for picketing against The Man.

Another point (barely mentioned): Pity the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers, the Darth Vaders fighting against those heroic writers. Writers in the press have a natural solidarity with their disrespected striking cousins in the television industry. Many journos also harbor ambitions to make that jump to television writing, so — unconsciously or not — they are looking out for their kind, and their possible future.

The reporting on the strike thus far certainly reflects a mild pro-writer’s bias across the board. So, the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers start out already with two strikes against it: celebrities and a natural press bias.

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