On The Menu: NYT‘s Stelter Still Shocked About Cable News’ Iran Coverage

Today on the mediabistro.com Morning Media Menu, The New York Times reporter and Twitter phenom Brian Stelter spoke about Twitter’s role in the media’s coverage of Iran and cable news channels’ decisions over the week and in the past few days.

“As more and more foreign journalists are forced out of the country, I think we’re going to see more and more interesting coverage of the protests in Tehran,” he said, noting that Twitter is becoming more important as journalists depart the region. “As more and more journalists have to leave the country because their visas are expiring, I think sites like Twitter are going to become even more important, both for organization of protesters but also for gathering the news.”

Meanwhile, as Twitter has increased in importance, cable news networks in the U.S. have lagged behind in their coverage, Stelter said. “I’m still kind of shocked that there’s not more cable news coverage of these protests,” he said.

“There is something about rolling live coverage for hours at a time that sends the message ‘This is important.’ And the fact that the cable news didn’t really do that this weekend is a little strange,” he added.

Also discussed, Stelter’s storm chasing experiences, the Associated Press’s decision to cut prices, ABC’s health care special broadcasting from the White House next week.

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