On The Menu: Digital Journalism And Going To J-School

mmm_2-3.gifHosts Jason Boog of GalleyCat and AgencySpy‘s Matt Van Hoven celebrated back to school today on the mediabistro.com Morning Media Menu.

Today’s guest was Vadim Lavrusik, a Mashable.com and Poynter.com contributor who just started graduate school at Columbia’s Journalism School. As so many journalists struggle to survive in the industry, why did Lavrusik decide to go to grad school straight out of his undergraduate journalism studies? To gain valuable training in digital media, he said.

“I really wanted to dive into the digital journalism sphere…and really learn and soak up as much as I could before the program,” he said of his work this summer. “Really getting out there and experiencing it every day makes a difference.”

In the few weeks since his Columbia program has started, Lavrusik said he has found it helpful. “You can go out and learn a lot of these things [on your own] but that doesn’t mean that you’re neccesarily going to learn them the right way,” he said. “Learning from some of these people who have been in the business for a long time — I know some people think of them as dinosaurs and they’re not relevant. You’d be surprised. They understand the changing technology and they understand some of the trends and at the same time they’re holding high journalistic values to these things.”

Also discussed: the Associated Press’ decision to run a photo of a dying soldier, and other newspapers’ choice whether or not to run it.

You can read more of Lavrusik’s thoughts on his Web site.

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