On The Menu: Career Tips From Author Kathi Elster


Today on the mediabistro.com Morning Media Menu podcast, hosts Jason Boog of GalleyCat and AgencySpy‘s Matt Van Hoven welcomed Kathi Elster, co-author of the books, “Working with You Isn’t Working for Me” and “Working with You is Killing Me.”

Elster talked about workplace survival tips pulled from her books, which focus on how to avoid, fix and survive bad relationships with bosses and coworkers. In today’s economic climate, many workers — not just journalists — are facing cutbacks and layoffs. Elster offered some advice: “You must remember not to take this personally…Although it feels very personal,” she said.

She also pointed out that although it may feel like the media is being particularly hard hit, there are other industries like the automotive industry for example, that have been decimated by job losses. Elster then offered some tips for journalists:

“You have to think of your career in the long run,” she said. “Don’t look at it as being successful day one. You may have to get a day job…maybe through freelance or maybe through part time…What’s interesting about your industry is that the old is going and the new isn’t here yet. So maybe entering this new world it may not be that you will get that ideal job on day one, but I absolutely want everyone to look to the future.”

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