On Retention And Job Losses: The Economy Slowly Improves

Job loss numbers are about to get a lot less terrible, if two estimates released yesterday are any indicator.

Payroll giant ADP predicts that 169,000 private sector jobs were lost in November. Economists are guessing that the government will say tomorrow that the number is closer to 114k-125k. On the low end, that’d be the smallest monthly job loss since the recession began in December 2007. And the losses would be much smaller than the 190,000 jobs shed in October.

ERE.net rounds up some economists’ and analysts’ views, showing that job growth continues to remain sluggish, despite the slowing in losses.

Meanwhile, voluntary turnover as measured by the “quits” rate is still near a series low at 3.3 percent, but according to ERE.net, turnover’s about to rocket up as employees gain confidence. “Every day I see signs that companies are starting to hire selected people more aggressively than they have over the past six months,” wrote Kevin Wheeler.

Do you feel like the market’s improving? We’ve had a bad few weeks of media layoff stories, but outside the world of print, are things getting better?