On Oscar Night, Nominees’ Moms will be all A-Twitter

Your mom might not know how to use Twitter, but that wouldn’t stop the producers of the Oscars from signing her up for an account if you were up for an Award. This years’ Academy Awards will feature the moms of nominees – also known as “mominees” – tweeting about their sons and daughters. Expect plenty of awkward uses of hashtags and embarrassing stories in 140-characters or less this February 27th.

At the Oscar nominees luncheon on Monday, Reuters reported that producers outlined their digital push for the show. Part of their social media campaign will be getting moms of the nominees to start tweeting about their little starlets before they were big – giving some insight into the real life of often larger-than-life celebs.

They’re also planning on incorporating web videos, internet streaming of events leading up to the ceremony, and other online elements to make the nominees more personable to Oscar fans.

One of the show’s producers, Bruce Cohen, preempts one of the main objections that nominees would have to their moms going on Twitter to talk about their personal lives – their moms just don’t get Twitter! Cohen assured the nominees that he understands: “Now, some of your mom’s may not tweet…but we will teach them how to do that.”

So, what nominees’ mom would you hope to hear from on Twitter the most?