On Jane Magazine

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If only Jane magazine had a dollar of ad revenue for every inch of column space — online and offline — devoted to its storied rise and fall. Rachel Leibrock of the Sacramento Bee is the latest journo to meditate on Jane and the larger meaning of its crash and burn. Is there, Leibrock earnestly asks, a space for a general interest women’s magazine in the age of Lucky and InStyle. From SacBee:

”The publication’s ad revenue, which peaked at $46 million in 2004, was down to an estimated $40 million in 2006. Its circulation was at 700,000 — down from a 2004 high of 740,000.

”’There were a large number of readers who really did value that magazine,’ (Women in Media’s Jennifer Pozner) says. ‘[But] the whole media landscape is making it difficult for magazines to survive [due to] an ever-increasing demand for higher profit margins.”’

This won’t be the last we hear of Jane.