On Its Fifth Birthday, Twitter Launches New Website

Twitter was hatched five years ago, but in these past five years it seems like some people still haven’t quite figured out how to use it to its fullest. So to commemorate its fifth birthday yesterday, Twitter launched a new website at discover.twitter.com to help people get started on Twitter.

Discover Twitter offers up several ways to dig right in to Twitter and follow interesting people, topics, and become part of the conversation.

The introduction video features quick interviews with famous faces to find out what they are interested in, who they follow, and how they use Twitter. You’ll hear from Snoop Dog, Piers Morgan, Richard Branson, Hilary Clinton and 12 other varied Twitter celebrities about their thoughts on Twitter.

Just below the video are the sixteen people and institutions who appeared above. You are given the option to follow each of them.

And below this is a section entitled “Follow your interests on Twitter”, which lists 18 topics that a user can follow, such as Music, Health, Politics and Fashion. Clicking on one of these topics will take you to the respective “Who to Follow” section on Twitter.com.

It appears as though Twitter is hoping to capture more of their dormant accounts by promoting accounts and topics to follow on Discover Twitter. Out of the 460,000 accounts signing up each day, it’s safe to assume that only a fraction of them actually stick around to figure out what Twitter is all about. If they have this “cheat sheet” for discovering cool accounts and topics to follow early on, it’s more likely that they’ll remain active on Twitter.