On Deck: Zipora Fried at Moti Hasson Gallery

(Moti Hasson Gallery).jpg

Having recently told you about an assortment of lovingly photographed old baseballs, now we’re bringing out the bat. The one above, covered in wool, is the creation of artist Zipora Fried, whose solo exhibition opens March 20 at New York’s Moti Hasson Gallery.

Austrian-born Fried first caught our attention with her giant, mesmerizing drawings composed of meticulously inscribed graphite lines that seem to buzz with electricity. Now we’re eager to see work from several of her ongoing series, which include drawings, sculpture, and video pieces. “The exhibition highlights a singular process evident in all of my work, in which the potential of familiar forms is intensified,” Fried tells us. “Objects are altered physically, often subtly, and convey an entirely different conceptual meaning and import.” In addition to the bat and ball pictured above, the show will include a shelf of ten woolen ski masks, each with subtle embroidery that would stifle the wearer’s sight and speech. And be careful where you sit. Also on view will be a a pair of Thonet chairs that Fried has converted into what she calls “simple operatives of danger.” Their bent beechwood arms are tipped with gleaming knives.

The exhibition will be on view from March 20 through May 4 at Moti Hasson Gallery.