On Convergence

Earlier this week, Geoff Livingston wrote a post about Convergence. Geoff referred to the convergence of marketing, customer service and PR. Not only are those fields converging but there is a rapid convergence of traditional and new media. We learned earlier today that the new Jackass movie will have its premier on the web. This convergence is powerful. Over a week ago I said that we would begin covering the convergence of social technology, advertising and media.

The bottom line here is that many industries are beginning to collide as a direct result of the internet and new social technologies. As communication changes we are going to see this trend continue. The Social Times is a perfect example of this. Over the next month you are going see a significant change take place. We will be redesigning and redeveloping the site to make it comparable to a major media outlet.

There will also be a number of new channels that we are going to add to our lineup. Not only will this cover social technology but we will also expand to cover food and the arts. While our coverage of social technology will continue on a national level, our intial coverage of food and the arts will be limited to D.C. We will also host events pertaining to each channel that we cover. Every area that we cover must be something that can be social!

If you would like to contribute to any of these new channels please let me know. Also, if there is anything else that you would like to see covered by the Social Times, please let us know. Thanks for reading and I look forward to providing you with continuing coverage of news and analysis of the social world.

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