Omniture Adds Facebook Data to Business Comparative Tools

Omniture, the marketing optimization company, has added Facebook application demographics to its suite of solutions. What the new Facebook integration does is offer insight into Facebook marketing by offering data rendered from user behavior surrounding Facebook applications. The purpose of this new product is to offer Omniture clients a set of tools regarding Facebook marketing in order to help them make more informed decisions, specifically when it comes to Facebook apps.

If a marketer is sitting on the fence about whether or not they should create a Facebook app, looking at the data offered by Omniture could help them make a more informed decision by seeing some of the metrics surrounding apps similar to those that marketer would create.

The comparative tools from Omiture’s new Facebook metrics also work in a number of situations, including the ability to compare one Facebook app to another or the ability to compare Facebook apps to other channels of marketing.

Omniture does this by layering in the Facebook app data with its SiteCatalyst service, which is a set of tools designed to take a deeper look at online business and marketing data for the purpose of optimizing their business practices. SiteCatalyst will be able to dig down into a series of demographics, study the correlation between Facebook, site traffic and other web channels including mobile and video.

All this information can be used to determine some of the best practices for creating or improving a Facebook application. This is relevant for marketers because the leveraging of social media is still being heavily explored for its potential to be efficient and easy on the budget. Omniture’s dedicated service for Facebook application analytics also reiterates the standards Facebook’s platform is instituting towards the provision of access to user data, behavior, and affect on our marketing culture.