Omniture Expands Their Facebook Analytics Offering

Omniture has entered into a partnership with Facebook to integrate the company’s Online Marketing Suite with Facebook’s existing marketing solutions. This partnership follows a previous integration with Facebook last May. The marketing suite is an integrated solution that lets brands optimize ad spend and conversion and create relevant, personalized ads for the users.

Omniture will be able to identify highly valued Facebook audience participants depending upon their affinity to brands – as per their their Facebook profile, such as being a member of brand pages, groups and other information. This would enable the brands to serve their ads to a very targeted audience, which would ultimately result in a higher conversion of ads.

Commenting on the announcement Josh James, senior vice president and geenral manager of Omuniture’s Business Unit, said:

We have been adding new products, features and offerings to the Online Marketing Suite since it was introduced, further strengthening its ability to help our customers become more efficient, relevant and profitable marketers. Today’s ground-breaking enhancements, along with those made over the past year, have together matured the Omniture Online Marketing Suite into the marketing platform of choice for the digital CMO.

As for Facebook’s part, the social networking giant will enable brands to buy media on Facebook via Omniture – thereby promoting Omniture tools. These tools would in turn enable brands to track how the campaigns are performing. The integrated analytics and optimization tool in the marketing suite would further enable brands to track and reward customer loyalty on Facebook. The suites reporting services would allow brands to comprehend ad effectiveness on Facebook pages, both for new and recurring users.

This is also another solution aimed at increasing the volume of large brand ad expenditures on Facebook advertising. Last September, Facebook announced Brand Lift, a partnership with Nielsen aimed at increasing large brands’ ability to measure the effectiveness of Facebook advertising.

The complete set of tools will be available to Facebook marketers later this year. Given that Facebook has recently seen an upswing in branded advertising campaigns, this partnership should only help further Facebook’s goals of solving the brand advertising conundrum.

One thing missed in our original posting was how this will tie to performance ads. It appears that these new tools will tie into Facebook’s existing API, enabling marketers to reach users through larger engagement ads campaigns as well as Facebook’s performance advertising.

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