OMGPOP Gives Users Virtual Currency Bonus for Syncing Accounts with Facebook Connect

The Flash web portal,, formerly known as, has always been a quasi-social site. It has long had features such as friends, messaging, and virtual goods but it was never as robust as a true, blue social network. Of course, why build a new one when you have Facebook Connect? That’s just what the OMGPOP guys did, as users, new and old, can link their OMGPOP and Facebook accounts together.

With the integration, users are able to post various accomplishments to their Facebook feed as well as import their profile photos. Generally, all standard stuff when it comes to Facebook Connect integration, but what is different is that doing so earns the user a hefty amount of the site’s virtual currency, Coins.

Coins are used to purchase various items and power-ups to help players in the myriad of OMGPOP games, as well as buy virtual goods to improve your profile. It can be earned through normal play, but also through direct purchase methods and offer completions. Currently, however, an extra method of garnering some income now comes via linking your account with Facebook Connect.

Just by logging in with Connect, players earn 3000 Coins. Furthermore, should the players link up their AIM accounts, as well, they can earn another 1000. As if that were not enough, users can also become a fan of OMGPOP’s Facebook fan page to earn, yet another, 1000 Coins.

Evidently, the Facebook Connect addition is not only prudent for users socially, but in a digital sense, fiscally as well.