OMG, Two Other Magazines Won’t Make It To September

Folio: is all over the magazine-closure beat today.

Not only is American Printer done after 128 years, but the same publisher, Penton, is folding Paper, Film & Foil Converter with its August issue.

“These had become very small businesses for Penton, obviously as a function of the markets they happened to be in,” Penton senior vice president of strategy & development Warren Bimblick told Folio:. “For a period of 18 months or so, we’ve looked at all sorts of revenue models to reinvigorate these products but it got to the point where we realized there really was no model.”

PFFC’s website will be shuttered after October. In her farewell note, editorial director Yolanda Simonsis says she’s taking a “respite” before digging into her next project. She also gives shoutouts to the team:

Because it takes a team to produce the words you read on the printed page and in our electronic products, my thanks go to so many people, but especially managing editor Claudia Hine, senior art director Michael Koch, associate editor/marketing manager Nsenga Thompson, contributors Debbie Donberg and Edward J. Boyle, as well as our expert consultants Timothy J. Walker, Kelly Robinson, and Mark Miller.

My gratitude goes equally to our sales team David Fay, Timothy Janes, and Julian Maddocks-Born as well as to our ace behind-the-scenes support by the ever-willing Cheryl Mangano. Our ad production manager Sam Schulenberg barely got his feet wet with PFFC, but he’s now well prepared for new Penton adventures. Last but not least, my appreciation goes to publisher Wayne Madden for shepherding us gently, though regretfully, to this point as we depart from you, our kind audience, to whom we will always remain in your debt.

AND. If that wasn’t bad enough, Linux Journal also announced today that it’s shuttering its print edition. While the magazine will still be available to subscribers in PDF form or on iPad, iPhone, or Android, even the magazine’s tech-savvy readership doesn’t seem super eager for the change, FOLIO: reports. “”Just because we’re techheads, doesn’t mean we all walk around with friggin ipads or iphones and read pdfs on the crapper,” one reader wrote. “”I can already view practically all the issues online (all but the last 2). So why would I want to pay to get some silly pdf file which will likely still be full of ads. Frustrate customer, will not be renewing without print,” another said.”

On the bright side, it seems as if Linux Journal is attempting to complete the transition without laying off any staff. We’ll see….