OMG, The Worst Gifts Bosses Give Their Employees

Let’s say your boss didn’t read this and instead of giving her employees a cash bonus, she has decided to give out presents before you all leave for the holidays (which we here at MediaJobsDaily plan to do very shortly).

Well, let’s say you’re staring at your holiday thank-you letter with a $5 gift card to Starbucks inside.

It could be worse: you could have been given a gift card for the concession stand at the theme park where you work, that was good for one medium soda OR a banana, tax not included.

“Evil HR Lady” Suzanne Lucas writes about this mishap and eight other bad gifts from the boss here. Another doozy: the employee who was given an envelope containing $100 cash…only to find it had been deducted from his next paycheck.

Inc also put together a list of bad gifts including a singing mug that wouldn’t shut up, a bounced check, and a dinner at a fancy restaurant. That last one doesn’t sound too bad until you learn that the boss asked for separate checks at the end of the meal.

If you’re a boss and you want to somehow pull together gifts for your workers before the day’s through, fear not: most people love gift cards.

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