OMG, ‘Retired’ Tila Tequila Hires PR Firm

The reality star, model, singer and “webstress” Tila Tequila hired a PR firm, just a day before she announced her retirement. Yesterday, Big Machine Media picked her up to “handle all celebrity and music press requests on a regional and national level.”

The celebrity shop will be handling her upcoming EP “Welcome to the Darkside” and presumably the launch of her own gossip blog, TilaTequilaOMG.

Details of Tila’s personal life and performances are currently chronicled on the breaking news section of her site, including her recent “‘I fucked a DJ’ sound check performance” and many rants attempting to tamp down “VERY SLANDEROUS” bloggers, “sent to my PR TEAM and my Lawyers,” she said.

Last month, Tequila was only “possibly pregnant,” now it’s official, “With so much going on in my life right now and being pregnant, I’m retiring from being a star in Hollywood,” said the Singapore-born 28 year-old.