Ombudsman: T Made A Mistake On Teen Nudity


T, the fashion magazine of The New York Times, is a glossy antidote to the ad recession and the general downturn in newspaper readership. In pursuit of the luxe bucks, however, there are many road blocks. The old school readership of The Times, though sophisticated, may not go in for the racy photo shoots that are de rigeur for an edgy fashion glossy.

That was the case with the now-infamous Holiday 2007 photo spread.

The December 2 issue, which featured a spread shot by celebrated photographer Paolo Roversi of semi-nude 17-year old model Ali Michael. Times Executive Editor Bill Keller found them ”…within bounds for an edgy fashion magazine published by The New York Times.” Craig R. Whitney, The Assistant Managing Editor overseeing journalistic standards at The Times thought the photos ”tawdry.” Times Ombudsman Clark Hoyt concludes:

”I think they were neither pornographic nor tawdry — those terms go too far — but I am with Whitney in believing that The Times made a mistake in publishing them. The problem with being edgy is that, sometimes, you fall over the edge.”

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