Omar ibn al-Khattab, Rihanna, Zynga, Harry Potter, Vin Diesel and More on This Week’s Top 20 Growing Facebook Pages

We saw the return of the Omar ibn al-Khattab, a key leader in early Islam, at the top of our list of the 20 fastest growing Facebook Pages this week. Additionally there were some tech companies, lots of musicians, the Converse shoe company, more sports and some entertainment-related Pages. The Pages on our list grew from between 330,400 and 727,700 Likes, we measure the growth of Pages with our PageData tool.

Top Gainers This Week

1. عمر ابن الخطاب727,702+727,702+0.0%
2. Facebook40,333,199+473,997+1%
3. Shakira29,012,149+448,334+2%
4. Disney22,856,949+445,125+2%
5. Harry Potter23,221,309+435,504+2%
6. Rihanna32,633,191+433,660+1%
7. Texas Hold’em Poker42,631,144+416,427+0.99%
8. Eminem35,875,795+416,084+1%
9. MTV21,434,720+385,417+2%
10. YouTube33,232,646+371,453+1%
11. Vin Diesel23,464,376+370,363+2%
12. Cristiano Ronaldo25,778,171+367,262+1%
13. Bob Marley24,324,471+366,354+2%
14. Will Smith17,827,214+361,399+2%
15. Manchester United13,637,254+356,622+3%
16. Lady Gaga34,007,858+347,162+1%
17. The Simpsons26,193,383+345,593+1%
18. BeÅŸiktaÅŸ341,384+341,384+0.0%
19. Converse16,373,766+338,393+2%
20. AKON22,192,621+330,396+2%

The Omar ibn al-Khattab Page topped our list this week with 727,700 new Likes, another sign of Facebook’s ongoing growth in Muslim countries; the landing Page asks users to Like the Page and other Islam-related Pages. There were no other religion-oriented Pages on our list this week, but there were a pair of tech companies. Facebook’s Page followed with a drastically smaller 474,000 Likes and its total tops 40 million and YouTube with 371,500 with a total of 33 million.

Musicians came next. Shakira’s Page with a total of 29 million is currently promoting her tour with video blogs, and added 448,300 Likes this week. Rihanna’s Page, with a BandPage by RootMusic landing tab, is promoting her new album and singles, as well as releasing album art, fan promotions and videos on her Facebook Wall. The total on her Page is 32.6 million, she added 433,700 Likes this week. Eminem’s 416,100 new Likes to his 35.8 million total came without any Page updates, although his Page’s landing tab is now a Vevo music video tab.

Bob Marley’s Page added 366,400 Likes to his 24.3 million total; the Page has evolved considerably since it sprang up last year and now includes a landing tab that details the singer’s life. The Wall features related information, videos and photos. Lady Gaga was on the list with 347,200 new Likes to pass 34 million; she also has a Vevo music landing tab, and has been promoting her new single. Rounding out the musicians this week was singer Akon, who added 330,400 Likes to his 22.1 million total fans. His Page is promoting his latest single with a RootMusic landing tab that also promotes his tour.

Entertainment-related Pages made up a big chunk of the rest of the list.

There’s “Harry Potter” with 435,500 new Likes and a 23.2 million total; the Page has been promoting its stars and press coverage. Disney, with 22.8 million total Likes and 445,100 new Likes this week, promotes its related Pages on a landing tab and has been publishing photos related to its films. Zynga’s Texas Hold’em Poker added 416,400 Likes to its 42.6 million total. MTV added 385,400 Likes to its 21.4 million by promoting its content and programming. Celebrities Vin Diesel (370,400 new Likes and 23.4 million total) and Will Smith (361,400 new Likes and 17.8 million total) were on the list and seem to just spontaneously grow their fan bases. Then there was “The Simpsons” with 345,600 new Likes to its 26.1 million fan base.

Sports Pages were on the list, too. Cristiano Ronaldo’s 25.7 million fans grew by 367,300 Likes this week; he mostly just shares basic comments about his game playing. Then Manchester United’s Page grew by 356,600 Likes to grow to 13.6 million; the Page has a landing tab urging users to invite their friends. Then the Beşiktaş1903 Page, a Turkish football (soccer) club, added 341,400 Likes. The last Page on the list, Converse, grew by 338,400 Likes to reach 16.3 million, in part by offering 15 free iTunes downloads for users and promoting sales specials on the Page.

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