Omaha Steaks Launches Facebook Burger Promo for Charities

Omaha Steaks has started a social media campaign called the Ultimate Burger Experience, a game which gives players the chance to create their fantasy burger, promote it, and have Omaha Steaks donate to one of four nationally known charities. The campaign lasts through February 29.

Players create their own wild-as-they-want burger, then collect votes from their Facebook friends, with the winnings going to Disabled American Veterans, Charity:Water, the National Multiple Sclerosis Society or St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. The charity that receives the most virtual burger votes will receive $25,000 from Omaha Steaks.

The company announced it will also donate $25,000 each to all four if the Omaha Steaks Facebook fan count reaches 225,000 before the end of the promotion. How many is 225,000 likes? In comparison, McDonald’s has 12 million fans; Boar’s Head, another food and beverage company has 103,000 fans; and Safeway, a grocer, has 325,000 likes.

However, one has to wonder how much of this Facebook “liking” the world can tolerate before it becomes meaningless. Or has it already? Now that brands have all but taken the majority of their social media campaigns to one of two sites – Facebook or Twitter –  “liking” a brand really is not much of an endorsement. I know when I see a friend has liked something on Facebook, he or she did it to get some reward, enter a contest, or somehow get something for free. Agree or disagree? Is a Facebook liking contest still a smart idea?

Nevertheless, all of the charities that Omaha Steaks has chosen are worthy causes, although my Ultimate Burger Experience left me ultimately starving for a double bacon burger with Swiss, mayo, and Dijon mustard. Mmmmmm… delish. But I played along because my mom has MS, so it was an imaginary meal worth a few minutes of my time.