Television, iPads, Social Media – How Will YOU Watch The Olympics? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Did you know that people plan to spend an average of 6.725 hours each weekday watching the 2012 London Olympic Games?

If that figure seems a little high, here’s the kicker – one in five users plan to watch the Games at work, and some 46 percent plan to access this content on their laptop.

Smartphones and tablets will play a big part in Games consumption in 2012, too, certainly compared to Beijing four years ago when the former was just getting going and the latter didn’t even exist. 31 percent of people plan to watch the Games on their iPads and other tablets, and 27 percent say they’ll be keeping tabs via their smartphones.

TechBargains surveyed 1,330 consumers about how they’ll be catching the Olympics this year – 60 percent plan to watch with family, and both men and women chose gymnastics and swimming amongst their favourite sports.

On social media, 31 percent of respondents said that they’ll be posting about the Games on Twitter, which is beaten only by Facebook.

(Source: TechBargains. Olympics image via Shutterstock.)