Which Social Brand Won The Most Golds At The Olympics? [INFOGRAPHIC]

The London Olympics has come and gone, but the cost of the Games – revenue, expenditure, morale, tourism and the impact to sport, certainly in the UK – won’t properly reveal itself for some time.

Sponsors, too, invested heavily in the Olympics, and they’ll also be looking for a healthy return on their buck. So who fared best?

Brand tracker Unmetric analysed the social performance of the major sponsors at the London Olympics, judging their performance using classic Games sporting events such as the marathon, 100m sprint and high jump. And the results? Coca Cola won the most gold medals amongst all brands, beating McDonalds into second place.

Coca Cola scored particularly well in the marathon, which looked at brands’ total Facebook, Twitter and YouTube fan count over the Games, but they also ran away with victory in the 100m sprint, which measured the rise in new fans.

The high jump – the average percentage growth of brands during the Games – was won by Visa, who achieved an impressive 83.5 percent fan jump across its social channels during the Olympics.

For the full results, check the infographic below.

(Source: Unmetric. Gold medal image via Shutterstock.)