How The Olympics Impacted Social Sharing [INFOGRAPHIC]

The London 2012 Olympic Games was a spectacular event, both in itself and online.

Athletes shot to superstardom on Twitter, brands increased their recognition and positive sentiment simply overwhelmed Twitter.

So how did the world share their elation during the Games? Take a look at this infographic on Olympic social sharing to find out.

AddThis measured the searches, shares, social referrals and other signals related to the Olympic from the 1.3 billion people that use its social sharing service each month.

Facebook was the big winner as the Olympic network of choice, with 73 percent of social activity directed towards status updates, comments and wall posts. Twitter snags a silver with 22 percent of social Olympic activity occurring in tweets.

These numbers closely resemble those from a previous infographic from RadiumOne, which showed Twitter winning bronze in the social sharing Olympics with over 5 billion tweets sent during the 2.5 week event.

It’s interesting to track how popular different events and athletes were on social media over time. In the battle between soccer and track & field for instance, soccer enjoyed significantly more buzz through the majority of the Games, until track spiked near the end – likely largely due to Usain Bolt‘s dominance of the Twitter conversation as he took multiple golds.

The infographic is full of other social sharing information about the Olympics, so take a look below:

(Athlete and torch image via Shutterstock)