Olympics Inspiration: Persistence Pays Off

winter ringsIf you’re watching the Olympics, chances are you’re getting inspired. Big time.

Seriously, how do they manage to defy gravity, embrace agility and grasp mental strength under intense circumstances? Amazing.

Need a little jolt of career inspiration regarding an arduous journey and keeping your eye on the prize? Let’s look at snowboarder Alex Deibold. The former wax technician for the snowboarding team in 2010 volunteered in Vancouver in exchange of travel costs. He experienced the Olympics from behind the scenes. Now he’s a bronze medal winner in Sochi.

During his interview with USA Today, Deibold explained, “I used (the Vancouver Olympics) as motivation over the last four years to really work hard and it felt good to earn my spot and deserve it.”

Earned it indeed! What was most telling during his NBC interview aside from his exuberance as well as teammates’ support, was his ability to focus. If you’re not familiar with snowboarding, think of it as a NASCAR race.

Several athletes compete simultaneously so it’s not uncommon for one snowboarder to lose his or her balance and inadvertently knock over one or two or even more competitors during their own stumble. Although you could be the best snowboarder on the mountain, if someone else’s inability knocks you over, it matters not. It’s literally game over.

And yet he managed to stay focused. Talking about focusing on his own path and what he needed to do to succeed, Deibold mentioned he blocked out the competition. He didn’t concern himself with the whereabouts of his fellow snowboarders.

He simply remained focused and blocked out distractions. Plus, he clearly appreciated the bronze, not to mention his coveted experience of enjoying the Olympics as an athlete and not a technician.

And instead of feeling disappointed for not winning a silver or gold medal that athletes sometimes berate themselves for, he acknowledged a job well done and hard fough as an Olympian.