What’s The Olympic Buzz On Twitter? [INFOGRAPHIC]

The London 2012 Olympic Games are in full swing, and the Twitter buzz has taken over most of our timelines.

But what are we all tweeting about, anyways?

This infographic from Mass Relevance looks at the tweets that people sent about the Olympics during the first ten days of events. Between July 27 and August 6, nearly 28.5 million tweets related to the Olympics were sent, ranging from athletes tweeting about their upcoming race to fans around the world tweeting their support.

The average number of tweets per minute sent during this time was 1,975, and peaked at 13,366 on August 6th at 5:16pm ET.

And, probably to nobody’s surprise, the most-tweeted-about Olympic athlete is Michael Phelps, with 574,515 total tweets related to this record-smashing swimmer. Lebron James is the second-most-tweeted-about Olympian, followed by diver Tom Daley and sprinter Usain Bolt.

Take a look at the Olympics Twitter buzz in the infographic from Mass Relevance below:

(Hat tip: Mashable; Olympic medals image via Shutterstock)