Olson Engage Pranks Gym Nuts for Oscar Meyer

Sadly, #Friq is not real.

Olson Engage, the PR/social media wing of ad agency Olson, went a little further than expected in this “prankvertising” campaign for client Oscar Meyer.

The firm hired at least one “actor” to impersonate a fitness coach and guide well-meaning gym members through #Friq, a routine that’s just odd enough to be believable.

We like the fake protein shake:

Maybe the product placement feels a bit forced–and the stunt doesn’t quite explain how the client’s “portable protein pack” transcends the kind of hype surrounding whatever went into that smoothie.

Like VaynerMedia’s recent campaign that tricked Brooklyn hipsters into drinking (gasp) Budweiser, this one is the latest in a fairly long line of stunts that position one thing as another and leave viewers wondering how naive the participants really were.

Still, the fact that Friq is so close to being real might make us re-examine gym culture. And for the record, we do agree that we’d rather just eat a bag of nuts.