Olocode Launches Contact Sharing App on iOS, Android

Olocode has announced the official launch of its Olocode Plus business card app, which aims to help users share their contact information without the hassle of exchanging (and then not losing) physical business cards. Via Olocode, users exchange six-character codes with new contacts, and the app populates all of the data associated with that code to the user’s in-app address book.

After downloading Olocode, users can input as much or as little information about themselves as they’d like, ranging from titles and workplace information to addresses, LinkedIn profile pages, Twitter handles and more. When using traditional, physical business cards, any changes to this information would result in outdated business cards and an inability for contacts to properly connect. However, any changes made to a digital Olocode business card are shared with others as well, including users not registered within the app.

OlocodeAfter creating an Olocode, users are encouraged to include it on future prints of their physical business cards, or include it in their email signatures (among other sharing possibilities). If someone without the app wishes to view someone’s most up-to-date contact information, this code can also be entered on the Olocode website, and users can “follow” the member to stay up-to-date on any future changes to their data. When changes occur going forward, these “followers” are sent an email with the contact detail changes.

In the company’s perfect world, every person with a business card would use Olocode to eliminate the need for physical cards. However, since physical cards will continue to exist, the app offers a card scanning feature as well. Rather than typing information from cards manually, this scanner can be used to take pictures of physical cards, with the information processed and “typed” automatically by the app.

“Keeping in touch with the people you care about is becoming increasingly difficult,” said Pierre Brais, co-founder of Olocode, in a statement. “The systems we have been using are broken. In a digital era, we need to move beyond simply handing someone a business card with the hope that they’ll commit the time to type it out. Olocode helps ensure relationships are never lost.”

Olocode Plus is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.