Olivia Munn Prefers PC and Android Products

Sorry, Apple.

Hey, HP… Dell… And co… It might be worth contemplating a TV commercial or three featuring X-Men: Apocalypse star Olivia Munn. She’s a fan.

From the actress’s conversation with CNET News editor in chief Connie Gugliemo for the magazine’s Spring Issue:

“I know it’s really cool to be into Apple and Macs, but for me it’s always been cooler to have a PC because you can build on it and tear it apart. With a Mac, it just is what it is.”

“I love the Apple interface; the way it works is superb. I have Microsoft Surfaces and iPads, [but] I use Surfaces because the iPad drives me crazy. Whenever I sign off, it asks me about iCloud. This whole Apple mentality — I feel like I’ve inadvertently signed up for something I can’t get away from. It’s like I bought something on some shady website and I can’t get off. I just wanted that one designer purse and now I can’t get out of it!”

“I also have a problem that [Apple products] change all the time. “We’re going to capitalize on your need to have the most current one every time, so every few months we’re going to put out a new one and you never know. And that charger you had won’t work — so throw it out.”

There will be no objections to Munn’s comments from this writer, who wrote the item you’re reading on a PC and owns an Android phone. Read the rest of early Uber investor Munn’s conversation here. CNET magazine is published four times a year; X-Men: Apocalypse arrives in theaters May 27.

Cover photo by: Mark Mann