Yahoo! Scribe is Witness to Nasty Breakup

While waiting in line for his morning caffeine fix, Yahoo! News’ White House Correspondent, Olivier Knox, was caught in the middle of a love triangle. He tweets:

Make no mistake about it. A woman who has been dumped is the most fragile of creatures. Approach with caution. Never, EVER put your most embarrassing secrets in writing. The best case scenario is that she reads them to a couple of her friends and they’ll all have a good laugh at you. The worst case? Well, she could read it to a crowded coffee shop at one of it’s busiest points of the day.

Knox continued tweeting the details as the scorned woman spewed the tale. “Apparently, you canceled your Facebook acct and you lie in bed thinking you made a terrible mistake.” This is beyond painful. It sounds like this guy wrote this email while he was on his period.

This caused quite a stir on Twitter, so Knox made sure to clarify that he wasn’t snooping. He tweets, “In response to several questions: The gal was reading the email so loudly to the Starbucks line that people were wincing…”

I pray to the God of Pathetic, Young Punks that this college-age guy is reading this. Because if you are, you need to get yourself together, man! Do you want to be with a woman that would air your dirty laundry to a crowded coffee shop? Learn from this mistake and NEVER email your most intimate feelings to anyone. Those are for bottling up and hiding away from the world. It’s time to pull yourself up by the bootstraps, get out of bed and get back in the game. There are lots of woman out there that go for the sensitive, whiny type, so get out there and find one.

Just stay away from the Starbucks on 16th and K.